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If you’re tired of your shameless self-promoting , unsure what you should offer, or confused as how to build a brand, I can help.

I provide consulting services to teach individuals how to build  a unique, compelling personal brand. Personal branding online can be overwhelming  so I like to create a clear, actionable strategy to guide your branding and social media. Should you have the time and tech-saavy, I will provide you with the blueprint to create your brand yourself. If not, you can let me manage your brand-building by posting to social media, blogging and list building on your behalf.

If you want to become more influential in your field, better attract clients, gain visibility, or be perceived as an expert, then I can help you.

Sessions can be spent discussing  any of the following ways to build a personal brand:

-Mastering LinkedIn

– Content marketing

-Reaching your target audience

– Instagram tips

– Personal website advice

-Networking magic

-Building an email list


-Email marketing

Contact me at and we can set up a free (and pain-less) consultation for you.

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