My obsession with personal branding began with my own struggle to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had just graduated from Rutger’s University school of social work and despite the long-awaited privilege of adding the letters ‘LSW’ to the end of my name, I wasn’t sure I was cut out to be a social worker.

I was passionate about helping people, but felt that my  strengths were not played to when working in a clinical setting. My favorite tasks as a social work intern had been creating programs like an intergenerational mommy and me music class at a local nursing home and I needed that thrill of building something new. The role of  a social worker requires incredible amounts of patience and restraint, and I was simply itching to do things faster and bigger.

Deciding that nonprofit administration might be a better fit, I took a job in marketing working for a health care company (much to the shock of my friends and family) to help me get some business street-cred. When I realized that marketing for a healthcare company meant handing stacks of business cards and pens to disinterested receptionists at doctors’ offices, I knew I had to switch gears once again to my beloved world of nonprofits.

My next role at Women In The Workforce, where I built a professional network of Jewish working women was an incredible opportunity. I got to combine my people skills with the thrill of creating programs like webinars, networking events, teleconference series and newsletter content to help women like myself find support and professional development.

Meeting  so many professional and entrepreneurial women led me to discover a huge need for guidance on how to build a strong personal brand. I got lots of questions  on how they could  promote their services online and at networking events. I became convinced to find them the answers.

While helping these women with their branding, building up Women In The Workforce and developing my own reputation as a social-worker-turned-professional-networker  I ended up becoming somewhat of an expert in personal branding.

Today I offer personal branding consulting services to professionals and entrepreneurs looks to get noticed and make a great impression. My goal is to teach you how to build a personal brand that is intriguing, compelling, and genuine. I hold your hand as we walk through the steps of choosing your target audience, picking social media platforms to engage on, and defining your brand. There are so many incredibly talented people who just need some help getting noticed and it is my honor to be that person to help introduce you to the world.

I hope you will stick around to learn more about personal branding or sign up for my emails. Follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter (@tovaherskovitz), and Instagram (@thebrandingstylist) so I can share some of my favorite resources for building a personal brand with you.




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